Sunday, 26 April 2015

1)    Installing Apache tomcat in Windows             

Step1: First Install java development kit in Your PC from this linkJDKFIle
After installation Set a path to Your Jdk by seeing below
Go to Control Panel\System and Security\System:

then on the left side on your menu bar Press: Advanced System Setting

Then press on Environment Variables

press on New... 
And the below will be displayed.

1)   Set the Variable name :JRE_HOME
Set the Variable value: depending on the location of your JDK folder
and then press ok.

 2)  Set another new environment variable 
 Variable name : JAVA_HOME
Set the Variable value: depending on the location of your JDK folder/bin/
and then press ok.




Step2: Install Apache Tomcat  in ur PC from this below link

if Your PC configuration is 32 or 64 bit download :
    Step3:UNZIP the tomcat zip file and s
    et the extraction location to C:/

                                                           3)  Set another new environment variable

     Variable name : CATALINA_HOME

    Set the Variable value: depending on the location of your tomcat folder
    which will be displayed on the addressbar
    and then press ok.
    4)Even make this another variable to avoid problems while starting your
    tomcat server
    Variable name:CLASSPATH
    variable location:C:\apache-tomcat-7.0.34\lib\servlet-api.jar
    And the Apache tomcat web server is installed on Your PC.

    1)    Running Apache tomcat in Windows 

           After your Tomcat installation is done,
    Goto C:\apache-tomcat-7.0.34/bin/
    And press on "Startup.bat" to start Your Apache Tomcat Webserver.


    After Clicking the "Startup.bat" the below will be displayed.

    It means your tomcat has been successfully started running.


    Now in order to run a  webapplication on tomcat server

    simply open a browser and type the URL as
    http://localhost (Or) http://localhost:8080
    (note:here 8080 represents common port name.) 
    and the below page will be displayed.
    In order to stop the webserver
    Goto C:\apache-tomcat-7.0.34/bin/
    And press on "shutdown.bat"
    and the tomcat server stops. 
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